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WGT634U – OpenWRT – Webcam Server

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I  turned my netgear wgt634u wireless router to a wireless webcam-server.

tutorial for flashing from netgear-webinterface:




Sometimes i bricked it with a wrong config so we start from scratch:
push reset 5-6x (set ip of your pc – ping -t
when response -> telnet -> firstboot ->  disconnect from power

i configure over web-gui my ip etc.
then connect via ssh (note: set admin password before!)

  1. opkg update
  2. opkg install kmod-madwifi
  3. opkg install kmod-usb-core
  4. opkg install kmod-usb2
  5. opkg install usbutils
  6. opkg install kmod-video-core
  7. opkg install kmod-video-spca5xx-le
  8. opkg install spca5xx-view
  9. opkg install kmod-gspca
  10. opkg install mjpg-streamer

-reboot & check /dev/video0

start webcam server @ http://yourip:8080

mjpg_streamer --input "input_gspcav1.so --device /dev/video0" --output "output_http.so -w /webcam_www"

supported webcams (all LE)



Written by iq1337

April 16, 2010 at 1:05 am